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About Us

Who We Are And About Our Tyre Disposal Company 

Tyre End is a family owned company that deals with scrap tyre disposal, using correct, and legal procedures.   It has been operating in South East Queensland for almost 20 years.  Graeme Mee as owner-operator has worked in the tyre industry for over 40 years.  Firstly Melbourne, in the wholesale sector and later as the owner of a tyre chain franchise in Melbourne for a period of around 15 years.  We moved to Queensland after selling our franchise to look for a new venture. Graeme’s history in the various aspects of the tyre business has given him a strong customer service focus and a broad knowledge of the tyre and tyre disposal industry.

Our company, Tyre End, became prominent when we discovered many tyre companies in Queensland wanted a frequent and regulated pickup for scrap tyre disposal service. We promptly became a sought-after tyre disposal company offering a reliable, cost-effective solution for all used tyres.

Many clients have been using our services since operations began almost 20 years ago.

Our tyre disposal and tyre recycling service can provide a regular scheduled pickup, including a one-off pickup for end-of-life tyres. Our focus is to dispose of your tyres in a legal and ethical manner.

We cater for various-size pick-ups, from a ute with approximately 50 tyres to a truck that carries 1000 tyres. We operate throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales

OUR Tyre Disposal STAFF

Our dedicated staff  have worked with us for approximately  ten years, and our contractor, S and J Australian Scrap Tyres have operated alongside Tyre End for the past 20 years. Our exceptional work ethic ensures we have an extremely stable and reliable business. We are one of the leading companies in Queensland for scrap tyre disposal.

Our Staff

Our staff  have been with us for an average of 10 years, and our contractor, S and J Australian Scrap Tyres has been working with us for 20 years, making us a very stable and reliable business to deal with.